High Quality Cells Without Compromise.

Bone Marrow Aspirate Without Dilution or Centrifugation.

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CELLXTRACT provides high levels of cells and their associated signals to deliver optimum clinical results.

The CELLXTRACT Difference

  • Independently reviewed clinical data shows the number of stem cells collected by CELLXTRACT, as counted by fibroblast-like colony-forming units (CFU-f), are greater than aspirations from a standard needle of similar volumes and is comparable or greater than final products after centrifugation.5
  • Autologous bone marrow aspirate (BMA) contains the needed cells and growth factors to enhance bone healing.
  • There is no waste of biologic material or discard of viable cells compared to inherent inefficiencies in centrifuge-based systems.



  • Potential savings can be realized as compared to the centrifuge-based competitors. Generally, the cost of CELLXTRACT is less than the disposable kit associated with those systems.
  • No additional personnel is needed to operate equipment as no centrifugation is required.


  • The aspirated fluid is not required to leave the sterile field for centrifugation, creating less risk for contamination or infection.
  • Traditional needles require repositioning via an additional insertion point(s) or angling in order to access a fresh channel of BMA increasing the risk of infection, blood loss, and operative time. CELLXTRACT, on the other hand, only requires one insertion point minimizing the risks to the patient.

Minimal Peripheral Blood Extraction

Using the recommended technique and specially designed distal tip of the cannula leads to an aspiration that maximizes the number of cells collected while minimizing blood extracted. No waste of biologic material or discard of viable cells.



Aspiration Flow of CELLXTRACT vs Traditional Needle

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CELLXTRACT – Instructions for Use

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