OSTEOMATRIX provides excellent handling, moldability, and optimal resorption.

OSTEOMATRIX provides a porous osteoconductive scaffold consisting of a biphasic mineral with an optimized resorption profile embedded in a collagen carrier.

The OSTEOMATRIX Difference

  • OSTEOMATRIX provides a synthetic two-phase calcium phosphate embedded in a cross-linked collagen carrier that is resorbed and replaced by new bone growth to benefit both surgeons and patients through each stage of the bone recovery process.
  • Strip format ideal for placement in posterolateral gutters and malleability allows the targeted void space to be filled.

Unique Composition

  • OSTEOMATRIX is made from biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP) material composed of 60% hydroxyapatite (HA) and 40% beta tri-calcium phosphate (β-TCP).
  • The long-term stability of HA and solubility of β-TCP provide an osteoconductive material with a gradual resorption profile to support bone defect remodeling.12


  • Interconnected macropores provide a porous osteoconductive matrix that mimics a natural scaffold for cellular ingrowth and revascularization.
  • 3D micropores enhance the flow and circulation of biological fluids.


  • OSTEOMATRIX features consistent composition without variability inherently found in particle size and porosity of tissue based grafts.

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OSTEOMATRIX – Instructions for Use

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