OSTEOPLUS provides a clinically supported biphasic mineral with an optimized resorption profile.

OSTEOPLUS provides a highly porous osteoconductive scaffold consisting of a clinically supported biphasic mineral with an optimized resorption profile to contribute to solid bone formation.

The OSTEOPLUS Difference

  • OSTEOPLUS is made of highly porous synthetic two-phase calcium phosphate granules with interconnected macro and 3D micropores.
  • The biphasic mineral component has been shown to be in the optimal range for resorption similar to the bone’s natural regeneration process.

Porosity and Structure Similar to Human Bone

  • OSTEOPLUS has a multidirectional interconnected porosity structure similar to that of human cancellous bone that is 20-30% microporous (pore size <10 μm) and 50-55% macroporous.
  • Porosity allows for diffusion of biological fluids and offers a large surface area for exchange of calcium and phosphate ions.10,11

Clinically Supported

  • Clinical studies support use of microporous and macroporous biphasic calcium phosphate in the reconstruction of small and large bony defects, including posterior spinal fusion, and suggest biphasic calcium phosphate is a safe and predictable bone graft material.13-15
  • The long term stability of HA and solubility of β-TCP provide an osteoconductive material with a gradual resorption profile to support bone defect remodeling


  • OSTEOPLUS features consistent composition without variability inherently found in particle size and porosity of tissue based grafts.


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