Our Approach

We take a biology-focused and evidence-based approach to deliver safe and innovative bone graft solutions to serve a myriad of musculoskeletal conditions. Our comprehensive portfolio of surgical orthobiologics offers a wide variety of bone graft solutions to meet the needs of any surgeon across a broad range of patient needs, procedures, and hardware selection.

“Laser-focused on orthobiologic
product performance”

We believe that orthobiologics play a significant role in a patient’s successful outcome. For this reason, we seek out the highest performing bone graft products.

We are continuously looking to build on our strong foundation with new technologies and have a dedicated development team working to create the next generation of designer bone growth products.

Research and development

We pride ourselves on being a dedicated orthobiologics company that invests heavily in research and development. This commitment drives our passion for uncovering valuable data through ongoing clinical studies. It also pushes us to pursue new product technologies that advance the science of orthobiologics. Our work comes full circle when we share our learnings with practitioners to help them stay abreast of the latest science and therapies in the field.

Clinical evidence is in our DNA

We do not just study data, we create it. At Bioventus, we strive to raise the standard for clinical evidence. We actively support investigator initiated studies and are committed to larger clinical trials to further the advancement of bone growth science.

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