INTERFACE is designed to facilitate a rapid biologic response that stimulates the bone healing process.



INTERFACE kick starts the bone healing process by stimulating the formation of an apatite layer providing the osteoconductive scaffold for new osseous ingrowth and tissue generation.

The INTERFACE Difference

  • INTERFACE’s patented particle technology is designed for enhanced bone graft performance through irregularly shaped synthetic bioglass granules that provide an osteoconductive scaffold for new osseous ingrowth and tissue generation.6

Bioactive Bone Growth Stimulation

  • The patented bioglass component stimulates the formation of an apatite layer as early as seven days on the surface of the granules.12*
  • The apatite surface layer that is formed is equivalent in composition and structure to the hydroxyapatite found in bone and provides an osteoconductive bioactive scaffold that supports the generation of new osseous tissue.
  • New bone infiltrates around the granules, allowing the repair of the defect as the granules are absorbe.

Patented Technology

  • The patented INTERFACE Bioactive Bone Graft particle size of 210-420 microns is designed for a faster speed of bone fill than glass particles with a broader particle size distribution of 90-710 microns and smaller particles below 210 microns.


  • INTERFACE features consistent composition without variability inherently found in particle size and porosity of tissue based grafts.
  • INTERFACE Bioactive Bone Graft conforms to ASTM specification F1538 for 45S5 bioactive glass.
  • INTERFACE is packed in a sterile, single use vial.


*In vitro and in vivo results are not predictive of clinical performance.

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INTERFACE – Instructions for Use

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