Ultimate Control in MIS Spine Surgery.

You’re used to working with drills and traditional approaches, when resecting hard tissue. BoneScalpel Access is an innovative ultrasonic bone cutting instrument that puts control in your hands in MIS spine surgery.




“BoneScalpel Access is finally allowing
ultrasonics to go into spaces and through
tubes for spine surgery, allowing me to treat
patients optimally with the safest and least
invasive way possible. Line of sight down
the slightly angled shaft facilitates maximal
visualization of the anatomy.”

– Tiffany G. Perry, MD
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center


BoneScalpel Access offers a safe
option for bone cutting and shaving
while reducing blood loss in MIS
spinal procedures. 46


“BoneScalpel Access utilizes best-in-class
ultrasonic technology, allowing surgeons
to push the envelope and expand the
ultrasonic frontiers of MIS procedures,
while providing a level of safety and
precision that traditional handheld
instruments and high-speed burrs
cannot match.”

– Thomas M. Doers, MD

“The BoneScalpel has been one of the most valuable enabling technologies in my practice over the past 10 years. The BoneScalpel Access now provides me with the optimal platform to execute the most minimally invasive procedures for my patients.”

Paul Holman, MD.
Houston Methodist Hospital


The revolutionary technology of BoneScalpel Access makes it a tool for leading MIS spine surgeons who want high performance every time. BoneScalpel leaves elastic soft tissues largely unaffected, while efficiently slicing through crystalline bone.44,47 The revolutionary ultrasonic technology amplifies electrical signals that are then converted into a high-speed back-and-forth motion of the blunt blade.48

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