Activating Cells to Signal Fusion.

SIGNAFUSE contains a synergistic combination of biomaterials that supports new bone formation.



SIGNAFUSE is a synthetic bone graft made up of bioglass and a biphasic mineral (60% hydroxyapatite, 40% β-tricalcium phosphate) available in putty and strip formats.


In a recent study, the SIGNAFUSE Strip induced higher levels of osteoblast differentiation compared to other synthetic bone graft strips.26 The unique and synergistic combination of biomaterials in SIGNAFUSE helps accelerate cellular activity and kickstart osteogenesis.27†

Alkaline Phosphatase expression of MG63 cells exposed to media conditioned with SIGNAFUSE strip and othersynthetic bone grafts at day 5 and day 7. Control is growth media only. Data are mean ± S.D.

In vitro performance may not be indicative of performance in humans.

Supported by Clinical Data

The biphasic mineral in SIGNAFUSE is composed of 60% hydroxyapatite and 40% β-tricalcium phosphate,a ratio shown to be safe and effective by multiple prospective14 and randomized controlled trials.28-30

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