Bone Healing Starts Here.

SIGNAFUSE contains a synergistic combination of biomaterials that supports new bone formation.

SIGNAFUSE is designed to provide a rapid bioactive response, optimized resorption profile and unparalleled handling characteristics.

The SIGNAFUSE Difference

  • Bioglass, biphasic β-tricalcium phosphate and hydroxyapatite mineral – this synergistic combination of scientifically validated and clinically supported biomaterials, in the most optimized forms available, provides a bone graft that supports spine fusion and new bone formation.

Moldable to Any Size Defect

  • The resorbable polymer carrier in SIGNAFUSE is designed to provide best-in-class handling, maintaining graft integrity when combined with autologous bone, and resisting displacement during irrigation.


  • SIGNAFUSE features consistent composition without variability inherent in particle size and porosity of tissue based grafts.
  • Biocompatible carrier is designed for rapid elimination through natural metabolic pathways.

Start Fast with Bioglass

  • Patented bioglass size6 (210-420 µm) rapidly creates an osteostimulatory environment and forms an apatite layer as early as seven days, which provides an osteoconductive scaffold to support generation of new osseous tissue.
  • Bioglass has been shown to increase osteoblast differentiation and proliferation, upregulate osteogenic gene expression7-9 and stimulate angiogenesis.7,8

Finish Strong with β-TCP and HA

  • The biphasic mineral, made up of beta-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) and hydroxyapatite (HA), promotes new bone formation through a stable, osteoconductive scaffold that is porous and structurally similar to human cancellous bone.
  • The biphasic mineral has a multidirectional interconnected porosity structure that is 20-30% microporous (pore size <10 μm) and 50-55% microporous, which allows for diffusion of biological fluids and offers a large surface area for exchange of calcium and phosphate ions.10,11


Handles Like a Dream

  • Resorbable polymer carrier is designed for best-in-class handling that’s moldable to any size defect.
  • SIGNAFUSE’s carrier demonstrated a greater hydrophilic efficiency than ActifuseTM ABX during benchtop testing. This is critical to allow immediate access to the bone healing effects of the bioactive minerals.12

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