PUREBONE provides a natural osteoconductive scaffold that facilitates cellular ingrowth and revascularization.



Bioventus Surgical PURBEBONE

PUREBONE is 100% human bone, and is available as demineralized cortical fibers, demineralized cancellous strips and blocks, and mineralized cancellous chips.

The PUREBONE Difference

  • Demineralized cortical fibers are easy to mold, shape and pack, and provide osteoinductive potential. The fibers demonstrate high fluid retention and expansion properties, to increase the opportunity for bone-on-bone contact.
  • Demineralized block and strip formats provide interconnected porosity with compressible, sponge-like handling characteristics, and provide osteoinductive potential.
  • Mineralized cancellous chips range from 1-4 mm and 4-10 mm granule size for optimal void packing capabilities.

Facilitates Growth

  • PUREBONE features an osteoconductive matrix that provides a natural scaffold for cellular ingrowth and revascularization.
  • Demineralized PUREBONE formats provide osteoinductive potential to recruit and differentiate bone-forming cells.


  • Donor bone is sourced from AATB-certified and FDA-registered tissue banks in the United States.
  • All tissues are screened for the standard panel of infectious viruses.
  • Validated sterilization processes render the implant with a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6

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PUREBONE – Instructions for Use
PUREBONE FIBERS – Instructions for Use

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