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OSTEOAMP is a differentiated allograft with unique processing designed to retain a wide array of growth factors* that support each stage of the bone healing cascade.1

*In vitro performance may not be predictive of performance in humans.



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OSTEOAMP is backed by science to meet the surgeon's need for a proven allograft that can achieve solid fusion outcomes.

In vitro studies* show that OSTEOAMP retains up to 23 growth factors, including those present at each phase of the natural bone healing process.1

*In vitro performance may not be predictive of performance in humans.

The OSTEOAMP Difference

  • Peer-reviewed publications report that OSTEOAMP is a viable alternative to Infuse®, based on fusion rates and time to fusion in lumbar spine fusion.2
  • OSTEOAMP is a differentiated and uniquely processed allograft.
  • Our proprietary method of processing bone and bone marrow makes OSTEOAMP different from demineralized bone matrix (DBM) products that strip away bone marrow during processing, which reduces their potential for initiating osteoinduction and angiogenesis.


  • OSTEOAMP was shown to be significantly less expensive per level than Infuse in a published study where 321 patients were evaluated in a TLIF/LLIF approach.2


  • Donor bone is sourced from AATB-certified and FDA-registered tissue banks in the United States.
  • All tissues are screened for the standard panel of infectious viruses.
  • Manufacturing and sterilization processes have been validated to inactivate HIV-1, bovine herpes virus (BHV), bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV), hepatitis A virus (HAV) and porcine parvovirus (PPV).

Multiple formats to meet the unique needs of your patient

All formats of OSTEOAMP undergo the unique and proprietary process and provide osteoconductive support along with osteoinductivity.


OSTEOAMP granules are mineralized corticocancellous allograft chips and exhibit osteoconductive and osteoinductive properties.


For optimal handling of the putty, bone marrow aspirate or blood are recommended. All formats may be rehydrated with bone marrow aspirate, blood, or saline.

*In vitro performance may not be predictive of performance in humans.


The OSTEOAMP Sponge is a malleable implant that readily conforms to various interbody devices and/or bony defects. An easy-to-use compressible sponge that combines both osteoconductive and osteoinductive properties.

Published literature supports the use of OSTEOAMP in both cervical and lumbar spine fusion procedures, and published evidence reports that OSTEOAMP achieves solid bone fusion in less time than Infuse.2

Cervical Fusion

Radiographically determined fusion rates of 97.6% at 12 months and 100% at 18 months when OSTEOAMP was used, exceed fusion rates reported in the literature.3

Lumbar Interbody Fusion

A higher percentage of patients achieved fusion in the OSTEOAMP group at all time points than the in the rhBPM-2 group (p<0.01). Total time for fusion for OSTEOAMP was approximately 40% shorter than that of rhBPM-2 (207.9 and 333.9 days, respectively).2

Clinical Evidence

OSTEOAMP vs. Infuse® Lumbar Interbody Fusion Retrospective - Roh et al.

OSTEOAMP Cervical Fusion Retrospective - Field et al.

OSTEOAMP Clinical Efficacy Validation - Yeung et al.

OSTEOAMP Foot and Ankle Arthrodesis – DeVries et al.

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