Closer to Autograft Than Ever Before.

OSTEOAMP is a differentiated allograft, uniquely processed with the bone and the bone marrow to retain multiple growth factors.1*

OSTEOAMP formats include granules and putty.

Explore our OSTEOAMP SELECT formats (flowable, fibers, sponges).

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OSTEOAMP granules combine osteoconductive and osteoinductive properties with mineralized cortical-cancellous allograft chips.

  • Comes in a pre-loaded, open-barrel syringe for easy hydration and application
  • Retains essential growth factors supporting bone formation1*


*In vitro performance may not be predictive of performance in humans.


All formats may be rehydrated with bone marrow aspirate, blood, or saline.

  • For optimal handling of the putty, bone marrow aspirate or blood are recommended
  • Unique OSTEOAMP process to retain a wide array of essential growth factors1*

Published literature supports the use of OSTEOAMP in both cervical and lumbar spine fusion procedures, and published evidence reports that OSTEOAMP achieves solid bone fusion in less time than Infuse.2

Cervical Fusion

Fusion rates of 97.6% at 12 months and 100% at 18 months when OSTEOAMP was used, exceed fusion rates reported in the literature for traditional DBMs.3

Lumbar Interbody Fusion

A higher percentage of patients achieved fusion in the OSTEOAMP group at all time points than the in the rhBPM-2 group (p<0.01). Total time for fusion for OSTEOAMP was approximately 40% shorter than that of rhBPM-2 (207.9 and 333.9 days, respectively).2

Clinical Evidence

OSTEOAMP Foot and Ankle Arthrodesis – DeVries et al.

OSTEOAMP vs. Infuse® Lumbar Interbody Fusion Retrospective - Roh et al.

OSTEOAMP Cervical Fusion Retrospective - Field et al.

OSTEOAMP Clinical Efficacy Validation - Yeung et al.

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